Hot Night Chat

29 September, 2014

One day me and a friend were trying to have a good time online. I saved the chat log and decided to now give you the pleasure of reading it :-)

Often people are wondering if sex chat actually works – but if phone sex is big business then why not..? Try it for yourself, I hope I made it into a readable format (times are mostly removed but it took just over an hour). If you can, just imagine that YOU are at one end of the chat…


  • Feb 13 9:36 PM
  • HIM:             …well… where do I start..? First I think I’d suggest a long hot shower… and

HER:         Ooooh….. Nice one !!!! Nothing like a hot steamy slippery soapy shower

  • HIM:             while the hot water is running down our steamy faces we can talk about the things that we’d do once we get back to the bedroom…


  • HER:         Talk???? Prefer action but hey that’s just me hehehehe


  • HIM:             …sorry – but the tease is essential… my idea is to feel taste and smell every inch of your hot body first


HER:         Oh well alright then if you insist ….. Hahahaha

  • HIM:             then I’d let you lie down and do a slow massage starting from your ankles…. slow and feeling how your body shivers as my hands slip higher up…

HER:         And ????

  • HIM:             and only when my fingers stride up your thighs and my hand runs around them and circles your buttocks I put more pressure as my body bends forward against yours
    • HER:         Don’t stop now !!!!

HIM:             when I see you lifting your body on your knees I know you can’t wait any longer and press my body against your back…

HER:         Hmmmmmm

HIM:             now you feel me pressing hard in between your thighs and your legs slide slowly apart… oh… I love the feel of your bum squirming from side to side trying to get me inside you

HIM:              but I’m still teasing with my hands running up and down your thighs – as I massage them I push them apart more and more…

HIM:             until my right hand slides around your leg and runs up all the way…

HER:         And

HIM:             now I feel how wet and wanting your pussy is… swallen with desire to be taken right now…

HIM:             sooo beautifuly soft and wet… my two fingers slip in easily and slightly spread your lips

HIM:             moving my head back I catch a glimpse of your body with arms stretched out on the ground and your butt pointing up towards me…. how can I wait any longer…!

HER:         Go on

HIM:             I love the way my body slides up, feeling your buttocks first brush my nipples, then over my tummy until I feel my cock rubbing against you…

HER:         Mmmmmmmm

HIM:             I stretch my arms over yours and lean fully against you – and as I do that I feel you press back and guide me inside… slowly…. we wrigle a bit to get the angle right and I push some more… you push back and I slide deeper and deeper again with each move

HIM:             I pull my right hand back, feeling the length of your arm, then pausing for a moment to feel your right breast… teasing your hard nipple between my fingers as I rub my hand up and down few times… then

HER:         God don’t stop now !!!!! Hehehe go you good thing …. Gosh I am a little toey now

HIM:             …my hand slides down your side until my palm rests on your swollen mound … I press gently first and then lift my palm and point my fingers down… finding your swollen clit with my index finger, feeling it and circling it slowly…

HER:         You do realise don’t you that you won’t have it all your own way…… I myself would like to lay you down…..

HER:        Start working on your mouth with my lips and tongue …..

HER:         Trail from your lips to your hips with my mouth…..

HIM:             at the same time we are still moving up and down, my cock throbbing inside you as you push harder and harder against me

HER:         Tease you

HER:         Lick you and taste you

HIM:             yes, just when I though I couldn’t stop you decide to have your own way – well… OK then

HIM:             I feel you’re getting restless, and your hand is suddenly on mine – you grab it and pull it away from the pleasures of playing with you… wow -you’re strong and commanding now, and before I know it you turned around and…

HER:         Get you nice and hard …… Use my tongue to trace circles around the head of your cock…. Lick up and down its shaft …… Take it into my mouth…… Suck on it while running my tongue around it….. Being you to the brink and then back off…..

HIM:             pulled me against you as you rolled over on your back …

HER:         Repeat the process a few times …… Then work my way back up so I can impale myself on you and go for a nice long leisurely ride

HIM:             it’s OK – I love the change, now I can enjoy sliding my tongue up the side of your neck until I find your earlobe to play with… then skip over your cheek to plant a long sensual kiss on your lips… love the feel of your lips wondering over mine… with our tongues playing their own little adventure…

  • Feb 13 10:08 PM

HER:         Ok you win !!!!! Hehehe

HIM:              with the last kiss I pull out and I point my tongue at your chin, slide it over it, down to your neck and slowly going down towards your breasts…

HER:         Aaaaaaaah keep going

HIM:             I get my hands down to help me play with both of your perky tits at the same time… they feel so hard and wanting… your nipples hard under the palms of my hands

HIM:             I don’t stay long, being drawn down lower, my tongue now slipping inside your belly button… you feel a funny sensation as it presses in and pulls out again a few times… but that is because you know it is soon going to travel even lower… pointing in a straight hard lick over your underbelly until it stops when reaching the top of your pussy

HIM:             that’s the moment when I pull back and look down on your… spread out in front of me… looking for your eyes as they give me that look of wild dream mixed with trusting abandon… you expect something new that has not happened yet and it is already unwinding in your head…

HIM:             you want your tongue to go back down but you also want my hard cock inside you…

HIM:            … so as the tip of my tongue touches your clit – with gentle hesitation, as if to just ask if it’s OK, my forefinger at the same time slips inside you… my tongue circles your clit, tasting your juices and feeling the soft wet touch of your lips, while my fingers gently spread your lips to explore the depth of your pussy for the your G…

HER:         Omg……

HIM:             it doesn’t last long – your body shudders a few times as I gently suck on your clit while pressing my finger on your G-spot… I don’t let you come though… my arms go up and I stretch my body over yours, finding your lips and planting a long wet kiss on them as down below my cock is slipping inside you…

HIM:             only now I really feel how wet you are… it feels like I’m immersed inside you, and it takes no effort to move up and down…

HIM:             I focus on kissing and exploring your lips while my body moves up and down…

HIM:             it won’t take long for me to build up to the climax… you now moan and I feel your pussy squeezing me hard… in one last move we both let go – grip each others hands as if it was the last dying move we both have…

HER:         Wow

HIM:             I collapse onto you… exhausted with the effort but feeling high as ever… it’s like the excitement of that hour we just spent on pleasuring each other has exploded all around and filled the room with a smell of quiet satisfaction…

HIM:             I love the cuddle after sex – and what the heck, for you it might as well be a ciggie – maybe not the best thing, but this time you deserved it !!!

HER:         Honey I don’t smoke after sex …. Just during !!!!! Hahaha


Keeping Fit

12 June, 2012

Hazy and overcast afternoon in Melbourne was not the nicest weather for the weekend… It might as well have been middle of a working day. Tess was walking along bustling city streets, uninspired by shops or noisy buskers trying to attract her attention. She flew all the way from Adelaide for the weekend and was a bit annoyed that the weather did not work out as she hoped for. Plus the friends she was going to meet with have been delayed on their way from the country as their car broke down on the highway and they were now not able to join her until late tonight. She stumbled a bit stepping up onto the kerb and instinctively reached to keep her hat straight. After the fast but elegant move upwards she let her hands glide down past the curvy contours of her body. She felt a shiver go down her spine as she let her palms deliberately gently press down on her breast. “Hmmm..”, she thought, “there must be more fun to this gloomy day.” Walking over the bridge she looked down on the streaming Yarra river, hoping for some inspiration, but the water was also cold and univiting. She felt like sitting down for a break, but there was no seat in sight. The bridge had small recesses decorated with coat of arms and beautiful street lights, but when she came closer she realised there were no benches there. However, what made her stop and look was a figure of a jogger leaning on the balustrade. He was wearing the usual running outfit and stretching his leg back to show sculpted bulging calf muscles. As he hung his head down and looked back their eyes met and she blushed, realising she was still starring at his legs.

“Sorry, I was looking for a bench!” she blurted.  She was already embarrassed enough and did not want to be too loud, but her remark made him straighten up and move a step closer to her. The level inside the recess was elevated so he had to bend over to get closer to her small figure. As he got close her senses became overwhelmed by the strong sweaty scent and his physical closeness. He had a quick answer: “Tired legs? Just lean on here for a rest.” Without asking he put out his hand and she instinctively took it to step up next to him. She leaned on the cold marble balustrade and saw a footpath on the bank of the river with some walkers and few bicycles in sight. She turned back to nearly crash into his face – he obviously went back to stretching again and his arms locked her in the corner. She starred into his dark sunglasses but could not figure out any expression on his face. For a few seconds it looked like he was ignoring her, but soon a grin grew wide on his face as he mocked her “Not a lot of space here, would you like to stretch as well?” She has now noticed he was hot – faint streams of steam have been rising from his shoulders into the cool air. His hotness in appearance was average though – runners don’t have big muscles and don’t need to be extra tall. It was the closeness with this stranger and subtle foreplay they were engaging in that was causing her heart to tremble. She felt his inquisitive eyes from behind the glasses following her curves. It was a delight to see his tongue poke out and moisten the dry lips from side to side… The thought of having some fun with him entered the back of her mind the moment she spotted his stretching legs, but she wasn’t going to make it easy. “No need to stretch for me, at this time of the day I could have still been in bed!” Her voice did not sound as angry as she hoped for, so instead of backing off he leaned closer over her shoulder. She felt his breath on her ear and shivered as he whispered: “Jogging also? Or a different type of exercise?” “No,” she said, “just simple old stretching, like yoga almost.” She stretched her left hand backwards to hold on to top of the balustrade – that way her breast rose up and forward to within millimeters of his face as he was still slightly bent over her shoulder. She could not give in and make the first move but he was not giving into his desires either. For a second she hesitated if maybe he was interested at all, but suddenly her knees felt weak as she felt him taking in a deep breath right above her cleavage. His face was moving upwards following the contours of her body until he stopped right in front of her eyes. “Yoga..” he muttered in a low voice. “I like that too. Do you have a favourite position?” As he spoke their noses touched and that tipped the tension in her over the edge. Without an answer her lips slightly parted a landed firmly on his. The leg stretched behind must have given him the extra support to stand firm, as she now put her weight onto him. He put his right hand out to pull himself forward onto the balustrade. She was now pinned under him. The world felt so warm! The tease was over and there was no need to talk – their lips were locked in a long sensual kiss that lasted a few minutes. His body was moving all over hers, she felt moist and ready as his hardness pressed against her. It took time for them to speak again after releasing from the kiss and staring into each other’s eyes. He was the first this time: “So – we can stretch somewhere else perhaps?”

“Relax..” she said, as her hand was sliding down his hip and then circled back up the front of his thigh, feeling his hard cock throbbing under the tight lycras. They were not drawing any attention as two people in an embrace was a pretty normal sight on a busy street like this, but if she was to make a different move … well, that was not going to work, so with a gentle push that got him even more excited she lifted her hand to his waist. She reached around him with a one arm embrace while fingers of her other hand wriggled down into his pants, while all this time his eyes were looking into her face wondering what is she up to. Her hand felt instantly the warmth inside and felt its way to reached around his shaft. Satisfied with her quest she looked straight into his eyes and locked her lips with his in another long kiss. With a firm grip she moved her hand up and down despite the lack of room between their bodies. She felt him hardening up more and more. He throbbed with increasing intensity, so she slowed the rhythm and lifted her thumb to slowly stimulate the back of the tip of his cock. She loved the way he kissed – slowly, hungrily exploring her lips with changing pressure and gently pulling the edges of her lips up and down. She briefly swept her tongue over the skin above his lip, tasting few salty sweat drops along the way. His lips pushed down, slightly apart, exploring her chin and giving a little nibble to her neck. She felt his body moving up and down, syncing with the rhythm of her hand. If someone spotted them now they would have easily figured out what was happening. She stopped and looked into his eyes, wondering if he wanted to actually finish. He moved his head to her side and with his lip following the curve of her ear whispered “It was nice, you can let go, it’s your turn now.”

In all the excitement of their passionate kiss Tess didn’t even notice how her own body was screaming to be pleasured. He dropped down, putting his right leg back to a stretching position again, his left knee finding way up between her legs. Suddenly a large firm piece of flesh was rubbing her pussy. “Cotton knickers”, she thought, “great for this cool weather…!” How she wished she could sacrifice the comfort of being warm and instead be able to drop the underpants that were now getting soaked in the wetness of her growing desire. She was grinding on the top of his thigh, still holding in the same embrace as before. Her head tilted backwards she let out a subdued moan, and immediately felt his hand on the back of her head, gently pushing her to face him closely again. They locked in another long kiss, even more sensual then at the start. She realised her hand was still in his pants, with his hard cock throbbing against it. She gripped it and moved her palm around it in slow circular motion. She let go and moved her hand up pleasuring the head of his penis with tips of her fingers. He responded with a low groan which seemed to be a sign of approval. They worked in harmony, both growing more and more tense. His lips moved along her cheek, slowly exploring her skin all the way to her earlobe, when he whispered “Nearly there” She has noticed an old man in suit passing by stopping momentarily to give them a glance. Whatever he was thinking, it brought a smile to his face and he kept walking again. “I’m close too”, she whispered, being on the edge of her climax, yet feeling unable to cross the line without him entering her. He then suddenly stopped. Instantly, his body tensed all muscles, giving away all its energy – almost as an electric current all that left from his body entered hers and gave her he last push that she was so longing for. The hot rush filled the palm of her hand as he ejaculated the first time, and then she clasped her hand onto the head of his penis, feeling another load coming in. As on clue her body let her have the ultimate satisfaction, an impulse of pleasure shooting up from deep inside her pelvic floor through her core to her chest. She lost her breath for a moment but pressed her breasts firmly onto him, waiting for the pleasure to subside so she could move. Slowly she lifted herself off his leg, pulling her hand out of his pants, still in an embrace but also drawing her other hand from the firm grip on his back. She was now just standing up leaning against him, feeling her nipples softening as the warm fuzzy feeling was now replacing the excitement. He wiped her hand into the hem of his T-shirt, taking her fingers one by one and then placing her hand under his palm on top of his thigh. “So – do you know a good place for breakfast?” he asked. “I’m having mine in bed,” she exclaimed, and then added with a grin” “Want to join me?”

Perhaps a few pairs of eyes were watching them as they walked away, but they neither noticed nor cared – the whole day of excitement and fun was still ahead of them…

Late night dream

19 March, 2012

The bedroom was dark so he had to make sure not to stumble on clothes or books laying around on the floor. Once on his side of the bed he pulled his shirt over the head and unzipped his pants that effortlessly dropped onto the floor. His finger felt around the edge of the bed and his body followed sideways sliding under the sheets. His eyes were open staring into the ceiling he could only imagine being there, he was not ready for sleep but it was late and he had to think of getting some rest. His wife was sound asleep already, she loved early nights even though it was Friday night. On his left arm he could feel the warmth radiating from her body. She slept face down with her arms folded under her head. As he gently shifted his left arm he could feel the hair on his arm touching the smooth silk of her nightie… Suddenly he felt the rush of adrenaline and the erotic turn on made him roll onto the left closer to her. As his body rised his right lifted the blanket off her body and shifted it back. In the meantime his bulging and hardening cock has flopped over to the side and onto the back of her thigh… landing with a noiseless slap just under her buttocks onto the lace that framed the bottom of her gown. He knew she loved his “secret weapon” – it was like the ugly bastard of the family who always misses from the group photo but without whom the Christams party is no fun. She liked to play with it, especially early in the mornings, often starting while he was still asleep. So now was his turn to get back onto her dirty habit – and he decided to enjoy every bit of it…

The night was not as humid as the day before. It was lucky that the downpour of rain was followed by a full afternoon of sunshine that made the air clear and crisp. Still, it was warm, and he felt few drops of perspiration as he slowly placed the palm of his hand on the back of her thigh. She has not woken up from the deep sleep she was in so he could draw his hand up and up, exploring the rising curve of her buttocks. With that move he pushed the hem of her nightie up to her lower back and now that his eyes adjusted to the darkness he can see the curvy contours that he so admired. By now he was so hard and pumped he could almost just pounce but that was not his style. He preferred to hold back and play, he needed to get her excited before going anywhere. His breath was now fast and excited, but he tried to keep quiet… He kept stroking her right buttock up and down maintaining a soft touch in slow circular motion while listening intently to the ceiling fan – the blades were turning  obediently with inevitable regularity slashing the darkness into thousands of invisible pieces. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh… His mind wandered, imagining them laying on a bright meadow filled with rays of sunshine, he could smell the scent of flowers and green grass. He firmed his touch and leaned onto her, somewhat surprised she’s not waking up. He felt the need to lean back for a moment and reach over to the bedside table for his puffer, the last thing he wants is an asthma attack if things get heated. The clicking sounds of a small plastic ball inside the vigorously shaken plastic tube would have woken her up, but he forgot that she took two sleeping pills instead of just one – after a stressful project meeting that afternoon all she wanted was to go to bed early for a good night’s sleep. With two quick puffs he felt new strength and  decided that things should get heated. As he leant back onto her again he moved his right knee over to the other side to support himself. He moved back on his knees, and dropped his chest down. His nipples hardened as the hair on his chest rushed over her naked skin – up and down, he played with his body’s sense of touch, more and more excited with every move. Finally he decided to employ his hands that moved moved along her sides following the cirves of her hips… He loved that shape, and as he repeated the move he applied a bit of pressure to slightly lift her up. She now responded with an inaudible noise, and although she never snore it almost sounded like it now. He smiled at the thought and slid his hands underneath her, his upturned palms now sliding against her soft breasts. This made him lean forward even more and his hard cock was now planting itself between her buttocks. “Cheeky bastard”, he thought, just where you need to be. He felt gently around her her breasts, felt her hardening nipples with his fingertips and decided it was time to test if she was ready. He lowered his face onto her back, feeling the scent of her skin rushing through his nostrils as his breath accelerated. His palms pushed up softly and he felt her body move up. He lifted himself on his knees and moved his right hand back around her hip, feeling around her buttock and sliding it down from behind between her legs. With two fingers stretched up he felt the moist pussy open and slid the fingers in, moving up and down, feeling her juices dripping from his fingers as he took the hand back up. He sucked the fingers with great pleasure, but the sweet taste urged him to send the hand back again, this time he parted them inside opening the swallen lips wider. His finger tips felt the throbbing clit just for a short moment and she let out a subdued moan. She was ready for him – he lowered his body and slid inside her, effortlessly. She instinctively lifted her arse and thrust her body back onto him. Now he felt the tip of his cock rubbing her G-spot with regular thrusts. For a while he kept in same position, while she kept thrusting backwards, and after a minute he started slowly thrusting forward at the same intervals. They found the rhythm and kept going for another 5 long minutes… The rising excitement was growing to unbearable heights, his brain exploding with pleasure as he was about to cum. She has now also moaned a few times as she was now on all fours and threw her head down with the last thrust. She pressed back and stopped there, pushing back onto him and panting with her head down as she stretched her arms forward. He lowered his head onto her back and buried his face in the scent of her sweat. They paused in that position for at least few seconds before he pulled back and rolled away to the left. Laying on his back he saw her slowly slide her stretched arms forward until she was in the same position as when she went to sleep – face down with her arms folded under her head. She went quietly back to sleep, and he must have fallen asleep just then as well, because that is all he remembers. When he woke up in the morning she was gone, he found a note she hurriedly wrote with single word in capitals – BASTARD. Why, he thought… She filed a charge of rape that day against him. In a jury system we have you be the judge, and vote with a single comment – Yes or No. Let the controversy begin but please keep the comments civil :-)

A Secret Gift

24 October, 2009

For Piérre his patisserie was his life. He worked every day, from early morning, baking the best croissants in town. He had been baking a full range of products once, from bread through rolls and baguettes, but now his main specialty were the croissants, and he left baking of bread and rolls to his staff. After baking he loved the early rush serving the croissants to those that braved early morning walk to reward themselves with a tasty breakfast. He then took a break for most of the day to return in late afternoon just in time for the busy time when people came to pick up their at the end of the day. It was the same this warm spring afternoon when he returned to store and enjoyed the feeling of approaching closing time.

The shelves were looking increasingly emptier, which gradually gave him the feeling of exciting – like undressing a woman.  Minutes before closing he always expects the regular customers that at the end of the day pick up their usual orders. But today there was a familiar figure walking towards the shop. He had to attend to the waiting customers and tried not to look distracted. But he was looking from under his white hat and noticed her walking through the door, as if she was to pick up something from the side shelf filled with baguettes. She looked smoking hot in her denim skirt that was perhaps too short to wear to a business meeting but long enough to put on for a stroll around the street… Her tight white T-shirt was not large enough to reveal the edge of a snow white bra – well, he thought – at least she was wearing one.

As she stepped into the store he was serving the last customer – an older man from neraby office that picked up his bread on the way home every day. He was the last customer on most days, and Pierre usually walked around to the front of the counter to hand him the bag and walk him to the door. He politely opened for him, and sent him home with a few nice words. Today he repeated the same routine, pretending he did not see anyone else in the shop. He flipped the sign on the door to read “Closed”, and shut the blinds on the door and window. It was the time when she would have said something if she was an ordinary customer. But he has already recognised her… His friend and playmate of almost two years, she has been the greatest lover he has ever had… They knew each other’s physical needs and wants, shared every bit of sexual pleasure during their weekly secret meetings. She was his friend with benefits, until one day she no longer turned up, left no message, and he only found from others that she accepted a job abroad, picked up and left on short notice. She was a free spirit, and he wished her a lot of adventure and satisfaction. His life was different, he was settled, loved and provided for his family, and only seen her as a friend… But it was still confusing, why did she not let him know…

While all these thoughts have been flying through his head, he turned around still pretending there was nobody else in. She meanwhile stood motionless in front of the shelf on the side, her back turned to him, growing angry at his ignorance. As he started clearing the bench she has picked a baguette from the shelf and walked to the counter. He was still turned with his back to her. He was surely aware she was there…

She let out a cough, which made him turned slightly around, his body still facing the other way, but he glanced at her with the corner of his eye.
“Sorry”, he said in a low voice… “I haven’t noticed…”

“Sheeesh…” she hissed leaning on the counter revealing a full cleavege he could no longer ignore. “You have recognised me, don’t deny it.” No, he could not… He turned and with his eyes locked into hers slowly stepped towards the counter. As he leaned over he slightly turned his head and continued to go forward until his lips found hers. There was no need to talk anymore, they found what they were longing for, the touch and taste of each other’s lips. They kissed slowly, exploring the once familiar territory, wondering what’s changed. Minutes went passed, and they clearly enjoyed just the fact they found each other, with memories of their intimate encounters flowing back into their minds. They did not think of much, but the pressure has been growing and they both became more and more excited, the heat arousing their need to go further. His hand have now embraced her shoulders and started to feel down her arms towards her breasts. His fingers slowly followed the collar of her T-shirt, until the back of his hand gently slipped in. He felt the soft contours under his touch, and just had to straighten his fingers to put on a bit of pressure. She felt every bit of it, starting to wriggle and grow impatient. His hands rose around her face, his head moving back, and their eyes locked in. Everything was back, they knew what was next…

Without a blink she has moved around the counter bench and pressed hard against his tensely excited body. He dropped his arms down around her hips, feeling around and under her buttocks. She closed her eyes now and let him guide her. Leaning against him for support she put her head on his shoulder and whispered into his ear: “I’m glad to be back and I brought you a present… you have to find it…”

He remained silent, but now his mind had to work on the mystery held her body and gently turned it around. It felt natural for both of them to turn back to the stainless steel bench that he just cleared, anticipating to re-enact one of their intimate encounters from years past. As she leant over the bench dropping onto her elbows he moved his hands upwards over the back of her thighs, lifting her skirt and then continued in short circular movements over her buttocks. She followed his rhythm rocking back and forth. He bent forward and caressed the back of her leg with his tongue.

As he moved his head up and lifted his eyes to catch a glimpse of her awaiting pussy he saw the present right there…! There was a small round piercing on her clit. Oh, how exciting – now his blood pressure jumped and his lips tightened the grip on her skin. His grip got tighter and the movements of his hands picked up speed. She started panting and moaning, knowing that he found the piercing and was getting closer to feel it.  She felt his lips kissing and nipping her skin, moving higher and higher. A minute later his tongue started touching the lips of her pussy now swollen and red with expectation… His lips took a nibble on the shiny circle, and gently moved it from side to side.  Then he let go and ran the tip of his tongue up her clit feeling the coldness of the metal ring. He was hard and could not wait any longer… He took his hands back unzipping his pants, while his lips kept playing with the newly found toy. By now she was close to orgasm, her moans morphed into a continuous groan which she was trying to bury into the palms of her hands. He ran his tongue up one more time, now in a sharp hard move as if the tongue was to penetrate deep inside her – but then quickly stood up, slipping on a condom within seconds and entering her hard and fast. She could have screamed with both surprise and ecstasy, but muffled the noise and simply joined his rhythm. She loved it from behind, feeling his cock entering and again drawing back as his hands were firmly placed on her buttocks.

“As if he was riding a bike”, she almost started laughing at the thought, but her brain had no room for anything else but pure pleasure, and she quickly submerged all else in the onslaught of waves of his incoming movements. She felt him all around the inside of her pussy, and withdrawing back stimulated her more on the outside… They came together – finally reaching the peak of their mutual effort. Still gasping for breath he leant gently on her back and pulled out. She turned around and lifted herself onto the bench. Without a word their lips merged and they spend what seemed an eternity just exploring each others lips. Finally she pulled her head back and their eyes met. “I loved the present”, he said. “The pleasure was mine”, she replied with a wide smile, and added “As they say – It’s a gift that keeps on giving”. She stretched her hand around the back of his neck and pulled him back for a quick kiss. Then she walked away, without another word. This time he knew – she’ll be back.

Winery Walkabout Pt 2

6 July, 2009

Sitting at the table he was filled with doubts if she will really turn up or not… But he trusted her, for several weeks now they have communicated in various ways over the Internet and they both felt not only a great connection, but also the desire to find a mutual physical pleasure of which they spoke about a few times already. He left the first move to her, so there was little he can do but wait.

“Might as well enjoy the breakfast first…”, I said to myself. Cute young girl in black apron came asking if I was ready to order. “Sure”, I said, “will have your chef’s special.”  But thoughts of how am I going to find the lady I came to meet were persisting… Well, I thought, I have a good view of the place, so need to keep watching for everyone that comes in. And if she does surely she would also be on a lookout – so I might observe that and make a move to speak to her – the rest should not be that hard… So I sat there sipping on orange juice and watching the door. To my surprise the young waitress came within about 15 minutes. Nothing happened, nobody even remotely suitable to be my match has come in… While the time for my meal to be reay seemed rather short, the plate looked nice and inviting. But as he started cutting the meat it did not feel right… and tasted even worse… it was not cooked! He half-stood up as the girl was walkimg past: “Excuse me…” She paused. “Is everything OK?” “No”, he said. “The meat is not cooked.” She nodded “I will let the chef know.” He sat back, his morning now a bit spoilt. As he looked around he saw the back door in the hallway open. It was the chef that walked straight to his table – and his jaw dropped to the floor as he realised it was the woman he was waiting for. She smiled realising her plot has worked. “I know,” she said, gently taking hold of his forearm. Touch of her hand sent shivers of anticipation through his body… “Please come with me, we will do something about your breakfast.” He was still in shock, as she pulled slightly and he lifted his body off the chair. As he was picking up his helmet his eyes travelled from the floor upwards over her body, admiring the curves behind a black apron on top of a knitted short black dress. For a few seconds she stood still as if deciding what will happen next.  Finally, with a half step back and a slight bow she waved her hand towards the hallway. She grabbed the plate off the table and turned around walking back towards the kitchen. He followed her, instinctively trusting her plans. Down the hallway she turned to a small narrow door with the  word “Pantry” stenciled at the top centre in black paint.  As the door slammed behind them, she slipped a folding metal chair under the handle. “We have 20 minutes before they start looking for me.”, she whispered. They now stood in the narrow passage way facing each other. It was nearly dark, only small window at the top of the wall was letting in a bit of light. It was shaded by a large branch of the oak tree which was right behind the glass. Without a word their faces slowly moved closer, the eyes linked by a hypnotising stare. Hundreds of heartbeats have passed before their lips touched. Their minds instinctively ordered their eyes shut, as the senses of taste and touch rushed in with so much new information. Her lips were dry, nervous, but curious and moved along his lips as two little kittens that suddenly found a new toy to play with. He explored the curves of her body as both his hands moved up the sides of her hips. Her little black dress felt very soft and thin, the warmth of her firm body seeping out into his palms through the knitted pattern. His fingers felt in and out of the little openings, poking in, stretching, and pulling out again, moving upwards and gently stroking her skin underneath. She enjoyed it – her body wriggled as his fingers suddenly touched the bottom contour of her breast. He realised they were leaning on  a narrow bench backed by ceiling-high shelves filled with boxes and tins.  He felt the edge of the bench top and gently lifted her up onto it.  She moved her arm up, in one motion taking the apron off over hear head. He could now feel the pressure of her legs as they opened up and tightened the grip around his hips. With both hands he clasped the bottom hem of her dress and started lifting it up…  She lifted her body as if to approve of his move, and let him drag it over her head. Few locks of her black hair have fallen over her forehead and she instinctively threw her head back. He now realised the dress was the last piece of clothing she was wearing. A glorious Venus from a beautiful reneissance painting was his first thought. He admired her full firm breasts as his head moved up and down and his half-open mouth explored the surface of her skin. She did not mind, quickly unzipping the zip under his neck and then lifting up his shirt all the way over his head. Their bodies pressed against each other, the feeling of naked skin electrifying them both for a moment. She moved downwards, almost leaning down over him as she slid both her palms under the back of his shorts and pushed them down. She turned her head, resting on his shoulder and whispered into his ear “We don’t have much time.” He understood the urgency, excited even more by the whif of her hot breath in his ear. With  small step back he dropped the lycras to his ankles. “WOW! Where did that come from?!?”, he thought as he felt her hands slide a condom onto his penis. She must have had this very well planned! He stepped up to her again, sliding his hands under her and lifting her slightly off the bench. His penis lingered and pressed against her, as she wriggled around stimulating her clit as much as she could before his hands let her drop and her own weigth thrust him inside her… The sudden sensation of unity for both of them sped up their breathing, and in synchronised moves they kept thrusting against each other. He was lifting her up as she continued to pull herself down onto him, her weight making it more and more intense… Just a few minutes later they both found their peak, as he came he gave the final thrust and stopped, feeling her slump onto him as she gasped for air. Her head resting on the side on top of his shoulder she whispered ‘thanks’ touching his ear with her lips. He turned his head and pressed his lips on hers. That taste again invoked a different feeling, the passion subsided and gave way to deep satisfaction he rarely felt after such a short encounter. Her lips felt around his face and he whispered a few nice unimportant things while placing her back onto the bench. Palms of their hands were sliding down each others arms until their fingers locked and they looked each other in the eye.  A lot was said in that look, they thanked each other and said good bye, so no spoken words were needed, and they quickly picked up their clothes. Within a minute they were ready to walk out the door.  Without a word she opened the door and grabbed his hand to lead him out. She lead him the opposite way past a door to the kitchen – he could hear voices giving out short sharp bits of information, and familiar clinking of kitchen tools.  She unlocked a small door at the end of the hallway, and swung it open, – it lead to a narrow laneway running alongside high colourbond fences on both sides.  She pressed her body onto him pushing him onto the back of the door, and planted a quick kiss on his lips. “Here,” she said, placing a piece of paper into his hand, “take our menu, next time you can order before coming to avoid the wait.” He saw a mobile number scribbled at the top. “Keep it safe,” she added noticing his quick glance, “just text me before your next ride. I work most weekends. Now, walk around that way,” she waved to the left, “and you’ll get to the front of the cafe.” She gently pushed him, and the door closed behind him. Hopping on the bike he headed back with memories of one of the best breakfasts he had for a while, at the same time planning a full-on training program with rides on most weekends…

Winery Walkabout

16 April, 2009

I was hoping to get away for a ride every few weeks… Working long hours all week really wears you out psychologically, so it is important to recharge and find that new energy on the weekend… Taking out the Harley around the circle of local wineries was a convenient way of taking the time out on my own and at the same time not taking it away from my family. I usually started early and was back by the time kids finished their late breakfast. The problem was that most wineries would not open until 9 or even 10AM. But I was not into buying from the cellar door, it was just a relaxing sightseeing tour…

Besides – this weekend there was purpose to the exercise. For a while I was hoping to meet a mysterious lady which I exchanged a few emails with on an adult website. She had same needs as me and could not get much satisfaction at home, so we set out a challenge – I had to find which winery she was going to be at by using the clues she gave me. It would then be her job to seduce me and get what she wanted – but I was not to know how. So I saddled up and set out on the journey just after 7. Just got a shot of my healthy drink, expecting breakfast on the way…

The skies were clear, and I felt absolutely great physically, ready for the action, which lately was absent in the mornings. I passed a few small wineries that I knew do not have a lot of opening hours, aiming to find some that had their own cafe and might serve some food. There was of course, the clue: “There is food to enjoy under the mighty oak, and once you ate the meat give the bone to the dog.” My research showed one winery that had a label named “Green Oak”, but that was a weak lead, as many others would have had great oak trees planted in the grounds. Nevertheless I headed to that winery first, which was one of the first I would pass when entering the wine country. But the sign disappointed from the distance, announcing the opening time of 10AM – enough for the city slickers to drive comfortably to it after breakfast, but certainly not for me to meet the hot chick… So without having much clue which one to take to next I have just kept riding along towards the larger wineries. Passing the next winery, which was also closed I realised how difficult this could be when I saw two large oak tress gracing the entrance. The next winery was one of the biggest ones in the region – I could see the open cellar door and their cafe already serving breakfast. The landscaping was interesting, with a circular drive surrounding a large flowerbed with some kind of ornamental bush in the centre. The verandah running along the front of the building was covered in vine providing nice shade, but…no oak tree in sight. I parked my bicycle near the entrance and peeked in – just in case, but clearly this was not the place. “No time to waste”, I thought, hopping back onto the bike. It was only some 10 minutes to the town, now I saw the unfolding hunt for my destination taking quite an effort. The town was already getting busy with tourists driving to the wineries, and locals going about doing their shopping. I was set to ride through to explore wineries on the other side of town, when the sign on local cafe caught my eye – “Bird Nest Cafe”.  The small building had a narrow shopfront with an angled roof, behind which I could see the greenery of a large tree. I rode closer, and seeing it indeed was an oak I locked the bike on a parking sign and walked in. Through the double glass door I walked to a small cafe with a counter on one side,few tables on the other, and another large open door to the courtyard at the back, which was shaded by a large oak tree towering over the building. Now I was almost certain this was the place I was supposed to find. Cheeky – let’s see about the meat – what’s on the menu? The place was almost full, but not too busy – all guests were already looked after, and the girl behind the counter was looking at me expecting an order… Now I realised I needed a good breakfast already! “What do you suggest for breakfast?”, I asked. She pointed to the blackboard on the wall, saying “We have the classic Bacon and Eggs, or you can have our organic lamb burger.” I glanced on the list with the thought of my clue – I need to order something with a bone in it! Wow – there was “Rack of Lamb with Almond and Bernaise Sauce”, so that is what I asked for.  “Would you like a drink while you wait for it?”, the girl asked, butdid not wait for an answer, pointing to the courtyard – “Take a seat, and I will bring it to you.”

“Can I have a glass of orange juice, please,” I asked stepping towards the counter. I grabbed the glass and and walked towards an empty table outside.

Was this the place? Will she turn up? What is going to happen..?? Keep guessing until I find some time to finish writing the story, or perhaps give me some ideas :-)

First Time With a Couple

25 August, 2008

“Adventure of a lifetime”, I was thinking while listening to classics and driving towards the mountains. Then again – most people had the same thought when boarding the Titanic all those years ago… But my thoughts were relaxed and careless, there was no iceberg in sight as I gazed across the green meadows toward the grey rock cover of Spartan Peak… The view was great, and I was thinking of how I can get used to this becoming a regular event. My brain suddenly turned a page: “A ‘REGULAR’ event – how regular…? Do I really need this so badly? Well, I do need this for my own sanity, I calmed down my better self. So I settled on a “regular enough” – I’ll have to find my own feet in the friendship with Paul and Susan. They were a couple who decided to explore their sexuality more openly than most others would, and after a few meetings where we just got to know each other we decided to “give it a go” together. They own a share in mountain chalet which they also rent out, so we made a decision to meet there for lunch.

“It should be fun” – my inner voice was at it again, but it didn’t matter, since I was almost pulling up into the driveway recognising their car already there.

Susan let me in, she was dressed in comfortable cotton T-shirt hugging her lean muscular body and a short denim skirt. Knowing her age did not help as I immediately thought she looks 10 years younger. They were just preparing a meal in the kitchen, so Paul poured me some wine and I joined in. There was no mention of anything sexual, we just spoke about common interests and a got onto the Olympic bandwagon. Naturally, everyone had an opinion on sport funding and could we get more medals if more taxpayers dollars were spend on the athletes… We were all relaxed and just enjoyed chopping vegies for the salad. We seamlessly changed from preparation to eating the food, just continuing the talk. As each of us was moving around the island bench we changed chairs a few times. The food was almost gone and we were on our second glass of wine, when I found myself on the opposite side watching Paul feeding Susan a carrot stick covered in salmon dip – grabbing it with her lips she stuck her tongue in between his fingers and paused in for a second or two. She was sitting tight next to him and I saw her turning towards him. She winked at me and said “We often get a bit naughty after good food…” She has turned to Paul and slipped her left hand down the back of his pants. His shirt was tucked in and I saw her pulling it up and letting it go over. Paul has looked down and ran his hand up from her knee, stopping just at the hem of her skirt and gripping it with two fingers. He started flipping it up and down as if he was thinking what do to… I took a sip of wine:”Don’t let me hold you up, have some fun!” Susan put her hands around Paul and started lifting his shirt. With her head turned towards me just when his head was covered with the shirt she whispered “Maybe you can join us in a minute…” Funny – when she opened the door I could just jump on her, but now I felt more like letting her have a go at it with him and watch. I leaned forward, letting out a slow “yes” with my eyes firmly locked onto hers. She threw Paul’s shirt on the floor behind her and moved onto him half standing half sitting. I saw his hand was already placed deep under her skirt – of course I imagined she was not wearing anything under it. She was rubbing her chest against his arm and pressed on to force him to stand up. By now he has worked her up and she was moaning – it was a low demanding noise, and a look on her face with her eyes closed was very revealing – there was only one thing she wanted…! Paul took his hand from under her skirt and slowly turned her around, placing both his hands around her under her buttocks he lifted her onto the bench. They were now really heated up and I scrambled to move everything out of their way. Suddenly I saw her back being revealed as his hands were pulling the bright yellow T-shirt up. My thoughts were still not in the direction of joining in, I just enjoyed watching them getting their gear off. As he was lifting her she has undone his pants and dropped them on the floor. I saw him suddenly standing up higher, he must have found a way to enter her now, and she was rhytmically moving up and down, obviously being happy with this position. She had her arms wrapped around him, she was leaning forward slightly, burying his face in the embrace of her breasts. She was moving faster and he seemed to have worked harder on it as well. I heard him groan a few times, trying to reach in and thrust her onto himself pulling her with fingers of his hands crossed on her back. At that moment her right arm arched back and she threw something over her shoulder. I instinctively reached to catch it – it was a condom! He saw it and gasped “We’re almost there, you can join in!” I sat for a few seconds not sure which way to move. She yelled out “Get your gear off!” That could have been only directed at me! Rushing not to lose any time I hurriedly moved around the bench while losing my clothes and ripping the condom packet open. I was right behind Paul when I saw him slumping down catching his breath… I looked down quickly to slip on the condom when I felt Susan’s fingers helping me. She was off the bench now and grabbing onto the base of my penis pushing me back. It was only a step back to the sofa and I suddenly found myself on the back with her riding me deep into herself. She leaned forward and moaned “Right there, keep going hard!” Trying to synchronise our rhythms I thrust up and let her push down in return. I could feel her firm grip squeezing my penis all the way down. She had some muscles down there..! At the same time it felt natural for me to grab her breasts and hold on rubbing them which obviously made her even more sensitive. It would not have been more than five minutes but felt a lot longer until she came. I felt her hands which were firmly planted on the front of my arms shaking – she was losing control and I had to support her weight. “Aaagggh…” – she let out a few subdued screams and slowed down her thrusts, slowly slumping down onto me… She was still moaning as I gently lifted her by one leg turning her on the side. She realised I was not done yet, and felt the chance to have another go. I moved by hand down to feel her clit swallen and wet. My penis was still in and I pressed it gently deeper while massaging her clitoris and watching her come back to life. “You can have another go”, I whispered. Only then I noticed Paul as he moved off the floor. “I’ll help”, he said and moved up to plant a long kiss on her lips. I saw him putting his hands on her breasts and concentrated on my job. Susan was on her side and I grabbed the back of her leg with both hands moving it up and down giving better thrust as I was feeling inside her now leaning on with my right leg bent at the knee between her legs. It worked perfectly with her experiencing the second orgasm just as I got my high and felt the sensation of filling up the condom. She knew as well and I felt her hand helping me grab the condom at the base to pull out. All of us were breathing heavily after such workout. I saw Paul handing me a towel and I gladly took it. He helped Susan up and they walked off – I heard a shower and cleaned my mess, wrapping towel around my waist. Susan came out in a bathrobe. She planted a nice sweet kiss on my lips and whispered “You were a great help! I have not come twice for years!” Then she turned around and started cleaning the table just as Paul came in and said “We left the shower running for you”

My head was still spinning in the shower. I had great sex, and think both of them did as well, but would this be it, or would they be happy to repeat it? It only took me a few minutes to get back, but Paul and Susan were already dressed and the kitchen table was cleaned. Paul handed me a glass of orange juice, and I saw some chocolate on the table. “Have some dessert”, Susan said casually. “We had a great time. How about you?” I said “Why would I complain? It was great. I’m happy to join you two any time!” Just to make sure I added “Just let me know…”, while looking at Paul. He saw my hesitation and assured me “Hey, you know I don’t have a problem. We had a great time! Maybe – well,… if you drive past next week and we all feel like it” We both turned to Susan. Her face was relaxed as she said “Yeah… We’ll be in the mood again! We’ll definitely will let you know.” To me the idea that of regular encounter was just great! I can help her achieve her orgasm while keeping my sanity and not imposing problems on my family and relationship to my wife. All I felt was physical satisfaction, and relief that this will work for all of us. We continued with a casual conversation for few minutes before I let myself out and drove off. It surely was a happy trip..!


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